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Make sure you’re using the latest update available for your browser. If not, please update it. Your internet connection also must be steady. If not, try closing any other running program opened on your computer or check with your internet provider.

Please check your internet connection. You might have lost the connection to the server so try to log out of your Nord Slot account and log back in. If it’s still not working, try to close your browser and reopen it, or use a different one after you cleared your caches and cookies. If none of that helps, contact our Support Team.

Please close the game and reopen it, the game will restart from where you quit. If you can’t reopen the game because your computer froze, or you lost your internet connection, the spin will end in the system part and the winnings will be added as usual (even if you do not see the spin or the bonus game). You can also contact our Support Team to double-check it.

Sometimes, our Support Team may ask you to provide a screenshot in order to assist you.

Here is a useful link which explain to you how to do it depending on the operating system: